Dag 4 – Wedstrijd en avondconcert in MuTh (21/07)

After breakfast we met at the bus around nine. The planned departure time was 9:30, however we left at least 15 minutes late. As we drove to Vienna the music blasting from the speakers was sung along to as if we were doing karaoke. Karaoke is Japanese for ‘embarrassing yourself in front of your friends’ and there was certainly some embarrassment to go around.

When we arrived right next to the Naschmarkt (the place we would be eating lunch) we had a little free time, which was spent in the streets and parks surrounding the restaurant. We all sat down in the Naschmarkt after the free time to enjoy the lunch. The food was very similar to the previous time we ate there, but it was found delicious despite its repetitiveness.
We got back on the bus to drive to the MuTh. Once we arrived there was a lot of confusion about where we were supposed to put our stuff. At first we tried fitting the entire orchestra in a tiny hallway, which was naturally not very comfortable. Later we were told there was a room upstairs where we could go, so we got our room to breathe back. When it was our turn we went on stage and played Humperdinck and Bernstein.

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According to the judges (as we were told from Hans) we had a very mature sound, however they found it difficult to compare us to the much younger orchestras.
While we were still in our concert clothes when we went out side in the blithering heat to take a picture.

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By the end of the photoshoot we were all drenched in sweat.
Immediately after we went upstairs to change back into our regular clothes and went back down for rehearsal. We played through the difficult passages of Mahler, and there are lot of those. At the end of the rehearsal the musician that are leaving the orchestra got a little present to remember us by. Naturally it was pencil, because we can never have enough of those.

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Originally we planned on all of us going to the Macdonald’s, however it was decided we could go on our own. Some of us went to the Mac anyways and others decided to go somewhere else. While we were eating our diner it started raining cats and dogs, so we ended up trudging through the pouring rain trying to get to the MuTh on time. Half the orchestra was soaked to the teeth as most of us were changing into our concert attire to go listen to the other orchestras, since we weren’t on until after intermission.
While we were in the theater watching a young Chinese orchestra and an older Chinese harmonic orchestra we were told that there wasn’t an intermission so we had to leave after the piece that was currently playing. As we disrupted the concert to go upstairs to gather out things for the concert, we found that some people were still hangin around in there regular clothes. It was pure chaos as some of us were changing, others were collecting their instruments and most of us were trying to figure out what in the world was going on.

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As it turns out there was an intermission and we went on right afterwards. We sat down on stage and started playing the entirety of Mahler’s 5th Symphony. It was a phenomenal performance that was definitely worth the standing ovation. As we were leaving the stage hugs were dealt out and even some tears were shed.
We gathered outside the MuTh at 22:30. The bus was late, as usual and we got on around 22:50. On our ride back to the hotel we listened to songs like: the Piano Man, Eye of the Tiger and songs from ABBA. Skippy gave a small speech inspired by our concert and played ‘Thank You for the Music’ specifically for us.
We arrived back at the hotel around midnight and as some people had a couple drinks others went to their rooms to go to sleep after another tiring day.


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